Maki Sushi: Is sushi healthy?

Maki Sushi: Is sushi healthy?

Sushi lovers rejoice! Did you know there are actual health benefits that you can get from moderate sushi consumption? Learn new things about this delicious delicacy right here at Maki Sushi. 

You can certainly order your favourites right off our menu. Visit our dedicated menu page and choose from our selection of authentic sushi. Not only are you satisfying your cravings but you’re also filling up your body with tons of health benefits! 

Sushi health benefits

This humble food that originated from East Asia has become a staple delicacy for the whole world. Tons of sushi restaurants began popping all over the place a few decades ago as people embraced the cultural heritage of the Japanese people. 

What people may not know is that there are health benefits because of its ingredients as well as the careful preparation each roll undergoes. It takes years of mastering for chefs to even be qualified to prepare this dish. 

Here are some of the reasons why sushi is healthy: 

Rich in Omega-3

Most authentic Japanese sushi is made with fish as the main ingredient. Research shows that sushi-grade fishes like tuna, Japanese amberjack, yellowtail, snapper, mackerel, and salmon are all rich in Omega-3 that can help improve the overall health of your body. 

This special oil is classified as essential fat because it can’t be reproduced by your body, that’s why you need to regularly eat food that contains this. It helps reduce high cholesterol levels, the risk of heart disease, overall inflammation, blood pressure as well as maintain a healthy heart. 

When visiting the optometrists, you might notice that they’d ask you to include fish in your diet. That’s because fish fat can also aid in strengthening the structure of your retinas and reduce your chances of macular degeneration, causing your eyes to blur as you get older. 

Stabilizes your mood

Sushi is one of the world’s most famous comfort food. It’s delicious and satisfying to eat. Each bite can give you that happiness boost you’ll need to go through the day. However, there’s also a science backing up this claim. 

The fatty oils in sushi-grade fish actually contain Vitamin B-12 that can help boost your brain to feel more happy and elated. This helps combat milder bouts of depression and anxiety that can affect your daily routine. 

Studies show that the Vitamin B-12 sushi-grade fishes can also help with serious mental health conditions such as psychosis and bipolar. However, sushi can only help keep the brain motivated but it doesn’t provide a cure for such diseases. 

Brain food

The Omega-3 in sushi is also considered as brain food, along with the other nutrients present in the vegetable ingredients. The fish fat encourages cell regeneration within your brain. It increases your focus and boosts your memory. In turn, you’ll be more energized and productive throughout the day. 

It may help for you to eat sushi for lunch or dinner if there’s an upcoming project or deadline that you need to accomplish. It can help narrow down your focus and keep your team motivated because sushi is delicious and has the nutritional benefit that can keep your brain in check. 

There are also studies that Omega-3 can help prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Although it isn’t a cure for such diseases, it’s a good preventive measure.  

Hormone control

The majority of sushi varieties have nori seaweed as one of their main ingredients. What most people don’t know is that Japanese seaweeds are rich in healthy minerals including iodine. Seaweeds are sourced from the ocean which has the perfect environment to cultivate minerals in their ecosystem. 

Iodine is a key mineral that can be highly beneficial, especially in your dietary habits. This important mineral keeps track of the hormones released in your body’s thyroid glands. In turn, these glands are then regulated to balance the chemicals in your body as well as boost your metabolism. 

Rich in antioxidants

The wasabi and ginger right next to your sushi aren’t just garnishes that improves the overall sushi experience. These two natural ingredients are rich in antioxidants that help your body fight off free radicals within it.

Oxygen metabolism is a naturally occurring phenomenon inside your body but it has free radicals as byproducts. These radicals cause severe damage to your cells and tissues when left unchecked. The more you age, the more of these harmful toxins are being produced in your body. 

Having a constant source of antioxidants can help you fight off these free radicals. It would also help lessen the side effects of ageing as well as give you a fighting chance to prevent cancer, stroke, and heart diseases. 

Strengthens the immune system

Research says that wasabi and ginger also possess antibacterial properties. During the feudal period of the Japanese, these two ingredients are mainly used for medicinal purposes by soldiers fighting in wars. Samurais and warriors from clashing clans are often exposed to bacterial and fungal infections from wounds and unclean resources. 

Eating wasabi and ginger helped these soldiers to fight another day. As Japan progressed into the modern world, these two ingredients were further studied revealing that these helped people from olden times to survive. 

Up until today, these two antiviral agents are still utilized for killing off bacteria. Because of this, the ingredients also effectively boosts the immune response of your body. Aside from these, sushi is also rich in Vitamin A, Carotene, Vitamin C, Iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc that can also contribute to improving your energy levels and helping your body to respond effectively to foreign entities. 

Who knew indulging your sushi cravings can help your immune system in the long run?

Muscle repair

Sushi-grade fish is a good source of protein that your body needs! This nutrient helps repair the tissue damage in your muscles caused by day-to-day activities. Moreover, sushi rice can also help replenish your lost energy from heavy workouts. 

Sushi is a nice after workout treat for your body that won’t riddle you with guilt in every bite. In moderate consumption, eating sushi can also give you that needed boost in your fitness regimen. 

Cuts cravings and aid in weight loss

Protein isn’t just for muscle building, it’s also an important nutrient that supports your weight loss. Regular intake of this nutrient helps balance your blood sugar and also aid in keeping your energy levels stable for much longer. This means that you’d be well satiated in between meals which can help lessen your cravings for unhealthy snacks. All of this you can get just from eating sushi! 

Moreover, all ingredients in sushi are healthy and fresh. It wouldn’t affect your weight drastically compared to other protein-rich and processed food. The raw fish from authentic sushi never undergoes heavy cooking procedures that include large amounts of oil. It’s a perfect snack to munch on when on a diet!

Makes you look young

Antioxidants aren’t only good for your organs, these nutrients are also good anti-ageing agents! These nutrients slow down cell degeneration not only in your internal organs but also in your skin. Because a platter of sushi is rich in antioxidants, eating a bite can help encourage cell growth in your body. 

Moreover, these nutrients also preserve the integrity of your existing cell structure and in turn prevent further oxidative damage to the skin. This means that you’ll look and feel young because your cells are stronger than ever before. 

Too much sushi: how bad can it be? 

There are tons of health benefits that you can get from sushi but eating too much of it can also damage your body. Too much of anything can hurt you and that also includes sushi consumption.

There’s a reason why sushi chefs take years to master the art of sushi preparation and that includes safety precautions. Authentic Japanese sushi serves their fish raw because cooking it would ruin the flavour. However, if not done properly, the customers can contract bacterias or parasites. 

This is the least of your worries at Maki Sushi because we have high-grade refrigerators that are designed to kill bacterias in fishes. Moreover, our skilled chefs have decades of training and cooking accolades in making sushi. 

Eating large quantities of fish can sometimes cause heavy metal poisoning especially when the fishes aren’t sourced from unmonitored environments. Some fisherfolk don’t test the water for contaminants which can really affect the fish that they catch. This contributes to low-grade fish made by subpar restaurants that may affect your health in the long run.

Here at Maki Sushi, we source our main ingredients from the best fish supplier in the world. These fishes are high-grade and classified safe by sushi standards. Nothing’s wrong with indulging yourself in sushi from time to time but always remember that the key to a proper diet is moderation!